Man sitting in field wearing vintage clothing. Our sustainability promise.

Fashion has a sustainability issue that needs to be addressed; the global fashion industry churns out a gargantuan 80 billion garments a year. That's over ten for every person on earth and  a colossal 400% more than was produced 20 years ago.

Through our collaboration with you not only are we able to showcase our environmental efforts on an International level; but by reducing Global carbon emissions and contributing to the circular and sustainable fashion movement, you can have your favourite brands with no cost to the earth.

We take a 360 approach to pre-loved; We understand that transparency is key and we couldn’t do our bit, if you, the customer didn’t do yours.

Man posing in vintage clothing with the title 'Buying vintage for the planet'

Unfortunately due to the sheer volume of stock the stores receive, those charity stores often become inundated and are unable to process the items for themselves. That’s where fabric Mill’s come in. Second-hand Mill’s offer the stores a bulk purchase price for all of the stock, meaning the charity receives a fair price and the availability to accept more donations, while the items have the opportunity to be re-distributed, recycled and recirculated.

Woman posing in vintage clothing with the title 'authentic pre-loved'

What is often misunderstood, is that the inventory the Mill’s purchase is always unknown and luck of the 'charity bag', literally speaking; every item is listed, processed, checked and distributed to the relevant buyer for that industry, making this process a long one. But nobody said saving the planet would be effortless!

Pre-loved vintage clothing, not suitable for any of the other industries to re-purchase, is then sold at a premium kilo weight price which is where our journey continues…

Once the Wornwell team receives the thousands of Kilos of vintage clothing our staff then start the long process of picking, sorting and organising every piece of vintage clothing.

Once the items have been sorted and processed through our Wornwell checking procedure the highest quality items make their way to our vintage experts to check their authenticity and overall condition. Once they have been given the WornWell label of authenticity only then do they make their way to our concession stands and begin their new life with you, the customer.

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